Over the 13 years I have been helping people with beauty therapy I have often wondered about bringing my services to local events, so I found a 1967 Vintage Caravan and here is my story as we restore the van and prepare it as my mobile beauty salon.


It first started as a conversation with some friends in late 2018 and before I knew it I was supervising a crane lifting an old rusted 1967 Viscount Ambassador Vintage Caravan out of a back yard in Hope Island Qld. From there it was trucked to Peachy's Garage in Ormeau to have the chassis rebuilt and then to Pound for Pound Spray Painting in Forest Lake.

This is the story of the van


Thursday 10th Jan 2019

This was the day we took delivery of the van after it was lifted out of a property at Hope Island and then delivered to peachy's Garage for chassis repairs.



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