Over the 13 years I have been helping people with beauty therapy I have often wondered about bringing my services to local events, so I found a 1967 Vintage Caravan and here is my story as we restore the van and prepare it as my mobile beauty salon.


This is the story of the van...

It first started as a conversation with some friends in late 2018 and after a lot of research and viewing many vans, we found the perfect one... an old rusted 1967 Viscount Ambassador Vintage Caravan located in back yard of a home a young couple just purchased in Hope Island Qld. 


Thursday the 10th January 2019

Today is the day, the day where I get the van delivered. The van had to be cane lifted out of the property in Hope Island as the previous owners of the house and van built a carport in front of the van which was located in the back yard and there was no way of getting the van out other than lifting it out via crane without removing the whole carport.

Once lifted out of the yard we had it placed on the back of a tow truck and towed to Peachey’s Garage for the chassis repairs to take place. Jason from North Gold Coast Towing and Transport was fantastic to work with and very accommodating to fit in with the schedule of the crane company as they had to block of the road and get it lifted out at 6.30am in the morning.


Friday the 22nd of February 2019

After 6 weeks of work at Peachey's Garage it was now towable and was ready to be taken to a Paint and Panel Repair Business for the start of the van getting stripped out, down to bare bones, dents to be pulled out, under body sprayed with tough tub liner and more.



Thursday the 28th of February 2019


Not even a week later we headed out to see the progress of the van and at this point the progress was happening fast. All the inside had been stripped out, all windows have been removed ready for us to have the glass replaced, tub liner has been started, dents have started to be fixed. Now just waiting for the weather to clear up a bit so the priming can start. Painting can be finished and the aircon can be installed.

We also went and purchased the wheels and tyres today too.


Saturday the 16th March 2019

Craig and I started the restoration of the windows. After five days of wire brushing, sanding, steel wool cleaning, Perspex cutting, rubber sealing, rubber edging, replacing the window stays, screws and more we finally finished all the windows.

Let’s just say it was a lot of hard work, my nails got trashed and I wouldn’t have been able to get it done without the hard work of my husband. On the other hand though, they look totally amazing!








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