Allow yourself to relax and unwind and release aches and pains, relieve life's stresses with a customised massage that will take you away from the worries of day to day life. Whether it be a quick 10 minutes hand, foot or head massage added onto a service or a full body massage, the relaxing massage service will leave you feeling a million dollars.


Hands, Feet or Head massage

While you are receiving any other service, why not add on a quick 10 minute massage to take the tension, aches and pain away.

Back and Shoulder massage

Most people carry stress in their back and shoulders, by enjoying a 30 minute back and shoulder massage will help relieve any of your stress and worries. 


Full body massage

For those who want the extreme relaxation of a full 1 hour, full body massage you wont be disappointed. Feel the aches and pains of everyday life melt away while your worries fade away leaving you with the feeling only a quality full body massage can provide.


Aromatherapy add on

For a small additional fee why not add on one of our essential oil blends to tailor your massage just for you.




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