Delux Manicures

Try my Deluxe Exotic Salts Manicures and break away from the stress of the day life with a relaxing Deluxe Exotic Salts Manicure. Not only will your hands love it, your soul will too.

Deluxe Exotic Salts Manicures

Deluxe Exotic Salts Manicures

Salts and Fragrance hand soak
Cuticle Treatment
Hand Mask
Exotic Oils Massage
Buff and shape
Apply Gel Overlay
Treatment time 60 mins

Buff and Shape

Can’t quite get the shape you like and just need a quick buff, trim & shape¬†of your Natural or Acrylic nails, this can be arranged.


To keep you safe, I clean and disinfectant the entire work area and never share dirty tools between clients. My beauty salon has a fume extractor as your health is my top priority. Free face masks are also available to protect you from fumes and particles.

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