Imagine waking up every day with the most beautiful exotic lashes and not have to worry about mascara.

Eyelash Lifting, Perming, & Tinting

Eyelash Lifting, Perming, & Tinting

Eyelash lifting, perming and tinting can help you live life with no more panda eyes, avoiding the rain and swimming because of eye makeup runs, smudges or other embarrassing makeup issues, just beautiful eyes every day, all day.

Eyelash tinting

Eyelash tinting is the perfect, low maintenance way to look beautiful all the time. No more mascara issues with a naturally beautiful look. Once you have used eyelash tinting you will never go back.
You can choose one of the two most popular tinting treatments.

1. Bronsun Semi Permanent Dye – Bronsun is an extra long-lasting eyelash and eyebrow semi-permanent dye with Henna. It has a lovely skin stain that can last on the skin up to 2 weeks and more than 4 weeks on the hair.

2. Normal Tint – Standard tint that last approx. 7 days on your hair and 1-2 days as a skin stain.

Eyelash perming/lifting

Do you already have long lashes but hate having to curl them everyday to get the perfect shape? Then eyelash perming/lifting is the perfect solution for you.

Eyelash perming last between 6-8 weeks between appointments and it is where we perm your natural eyelashes to lift them up to give them a more open eye look. This is finished off with a Bronson tint, which is a hybrid henna cross so then you don’t even have to worry about putting on mascara. Wake up beautiful every day and be ready to go.


To keep you safe, I clean and disinfectant the entire work area and never share dirty tools between clients. My beauty salon has a fume extractor as your health is my top priority. Free face masks are also available to protect you from fumes and particles.