Don’t like having to shave every couple of days? Are you sick and tired of having ingrown hairs or shaver’s rash? Have you ever thought about waxing? Waxing is a quick and efficient way of removing any unwanted hair for a longer period of time.

Waxing Beauty Services

Why waxing is so good

Usually it is about 4-6 weeks between wax appointments depending on the speed of which your hair grows. You should let your hair grow out to about 5mm long before waxing.

To get the best result out of your waxing, you should not shave in-between your wax appointments as it affects the hair growth. Every time you wax your hair grows back slower and gets finer. Resulting in a smoother result for longer as the hair is getting removed from the root not just cut off at skin level.

Preparation is Key

Preparing the area before waxing is vital for the best possible result. Before your waxing appointment approx. 48 -72 hours it is best if you gently exfoliate the area well using a circular motion, this will remove any layer of dead skin cells. Concentrate on dry areas for example elbows, knees and ankles.

Also make sure you don’t expose yourself to any sun/sunbeds at least 24 – 48 hours before your waxing appointment as this increases skin sensitivity and puts you at risk of being sun burnt and we will not be able to preform any services on burnt skin.

It is also recommended not to use any deodorant, moisturisers, makeup or exfoliation 24 hours before any waxing services.


It is very easy in our busy lifestyles not to remember to moisturise. But it plays a very important part in our beauty regime.

After every shower leading up to your waxing appointment (excluding 24 hours before and after) it is important that you moisturise.

In the days before your appointment after you have removed all the old skin cells it is important that you moisturise well. Once again concentrating on the areas that are most dry, such as elbows, knees and ankles.

After Waxing

After any waxing services it is normal for you skin to have redness. It is best if you wait 24 hours before doing any activities that may raise your body temperature such as exercise, swimming and sun baking.

It is also recommended to wait 24 hours to use any deodorant, moisturisers, makeup or exfoliation.

Did you know

That waxing should be preformed before any tanning services. It is advised that you allow at least 24-48 hours after any waxing services before you book a spray tan or sunbed appointments or sun baking in general.

If you are pregnant or the week leading up to your menstrual cycle your pain threshold may not be as good as what it usually is. This may mean that you are more sensitive, and your waxing services may hurt a little more than usual.

It is said that having a hot beverage or alcohol before your waxing appointment may cause your skin to lift.

Female Waxing Services

Here is a list of female waxing services I perform, Eyebrows, Lip, Chin, Nose, Knuckles, Toes and Face.


To keep you safe, I clean and disinfectant the entire work area and never share dirty tools between clients. My beauty salon has a fume extractor as your health is my top priority. Free face masks are also available to protect you from fumes and particles.