Gel Nails

Gel nails, also known as gel overlays, or gel coat is a fantastic, flexible, non chipping polish that you dont have to sit and wait for it to dry. Not only does it protect your nail, but gives you a massive range of colours and nail art options.

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Why use Gel Overlays

Overlays can be used on natural nails, acrylics, or toes, providing a great looking, shiny coat that lasts and lasts.

Two extra add on that I offer to my gel services is Gelish Structure gel to give your nails the little extra added strength and to fill out any ridges or lines in your nails and Gelish Vitagel Recovery which is a vitamin-enriched soak-off gel, it is the answer when brittle, dry, dull, weak or damaged nails call for help. VitaGel recovery fortifies and strengthens the natural nail to counteract stress and increase flexibility.

Combined with nail art the use of gel on your nails can make you hands or feet look spectacular.

What makes the Gel coat so good?

Here are some of the benefits of using a gel overlay.

Gel Coats are:

  • thin
  • flexible
  • available in a wide variety of colours
  • more durable than normal nail polish
  • are chip resistant
  • available in stunning colours and the beautiful depth of shine or fully matte finish that the gel coat produces.

Why not give me a call and see the difference decades of experience in a luxury home salon makes.


To keep you safe, I clean and disinfectant the entire work area and never share dirty tools between clients. My beauty salon has a fume extractor as your health is my top priority. Free face masks are also available to protect you from fumes and particles.


You deserve your nails to look the very best they can and getting a great deal shouldn’t mean you end up with nails you are not happy with. My work is 100% guaranteed, so if you have any problems within 7 days, I will fix them for free, no questions asked.

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