Imagine waking up every day with the most beautiful exotic brows and not have to worry about filling in your eyebrows.

Eyebrow Sculpting Tinting Henna Waxing

Eyebrow Sculpting & tinting

When you come for your eyebrow sculpting appointment we discuss and agree on the desired look you are after. This includes talking about your shape of your face, what brow shape suits you best and what colour and type of tint you would like added to your service if you choose to.

I map out your eyebrows using the latest techniques to get the perfect shape for you. Once mapped out I proceed to wax and tweeze your eyebrows to the perfect shape. I then complete the service with a tint application of your choice. This service does not require the tint if you choose not to have it. A tint does fill in any patches or cover any grey hairs so then you don’t have to fill them in with your eyebrow pencil.

Before coming to have this treatment done, I recommend that you let your brows grow out at least 4-6 weeks before your appointment. Yes, that means no sneaky tweezing or plucking.

Eyebrow tinting

Eyebrow tinting is the perfect, low maintenance way have your eyebrows looking full and covering any cheeky grey’s that might be showing through. Once you have used eyelash and eyebrow tinting you will never go back.
You can choose one from the three most popular tinting treatments.

1. Sexy Brow Henna – Sexy Brow Henna is 100% natural and does not contain lead or ammonia and is made from the henna plant. This treatment can last anywhere from 4-14 days depending on your skin as a skin stain but can last 7 weeks on your hair.

2. Bronsun Semi Permanent Dye – Bronsun is an extra long-lasting eyelash and eyebrow semi-permanent dye with Henna. It has a lovely skin stain that can last on the skin up to 2 weeks and more than 4 weeks on the hair.

3. Normal Tint – Standard tint that last approx. 7 days on your hair and 1-2 days as a skin stain.

Eyebrow History

Eyebrows have been very big in the fashion industry dating right back to Ancient Egypt where they use to have a strong brow to reflect personal power.

The unibrow for the 4th Century Rome women as it was considered as a sign of superior intelligence. In the 1920-1930 the brows then went to the super-thin shape so much so that some women just pencilled them on.

From 1940 the V-shape became very popular than in the 1950’s it became more of a stronger brow look with a rounder shape rather than the harsh arch.

In the 60’s the brow shape thinned back out again but in the 80’s it came back with the naturally thick feathered looking brows. Once again in the 1990’s the brow shape when back incredibly thin and over-plucking was the in style. Now we have hit 2010’s and guess what, the fuller looking brow is back in again.

Therefore, brow sculpting is so popular now. Us women are wanting that fuller look, without the hassle of pencilling in your brows every day.


To keep you safe, I clean and disinfectant the entire work area and never share dirty tools between clients. My beauty salon has a fume extractor as your health is my top priority. Free face masks are also available to protect you from fumes and particles.