You deserve your gel nails to look the very best they can and getting a great deal shouldn't mean you end up with gel nails you are not happy with. Our gel nails are 100% guaranteed, not only until you leave, but if you have any problems that are a result of our work, we will fix your gel nails for free, no questions asked.



Why Gel

Gel overlays can be used on natural nails, acrylic nails, fingers or toes.

We also offer structure gel as an add on to your gel overlay to give your nails the little extra added strength and to fill out any ridges or lines in your nails.

Combined with nail art the use of gel on your nails can make you hands or feet look spectacular.


What makes the Gel coat so good?

Here are some of the benefits of using a gel overlay.

  • Gel coats are thin
  • Gel coats are very flexible
  • Gel coats are available in a wide variety of colours
  • Gel coats are more durable than normal nail polish
  • Gel coats are chip resistant
  • But the best thing about Gel Overlays (Coats) are the stunning colours and the beautiful depth of shine or fully matte finish that the gel coat produces.



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