A spa pedicure is one of the most relaxing and amazing feelings you will ever have. After a long day standing on your feet there is nothing more divine than the feeling of the foot spa (pedicure) and massage washing away your worries.


spa pedicure

Pedicures should be part of everyone's beauty routine and if you have dry and calloused feet regular spa pedicures are an absolute must.


Deluxe Exotic Salts Spa Pedicure

Salts and Fragrance Foot spa 5 mins
Foot scrub
Cuticle Treatment
Foot Mask
Exotic Oils Massage 10 mins
Buff and shape
Apply Gel Overlay
Treatment time 60 mins


Buff and Shape

Finding it hard to reach your toes and in need of just a quick buff, trim & shape. We are more then happy to help.




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