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Why Hygiene is Critical

Let’s talk about Hygiene! Most people who know me know that I have a strong belief in Salon Hygiene. Hygiene is the most important thing, as it’s about your health and safety.

The dangers

Many people are not aware that you can catch life threatening diseases and bacteria from nail salons, which include Hepatitis, HIV, HPV and various other bugs.

This is caused by sharing of body fluids and pathogens via tools and cuts and inhaling toxins, or sharp dust hurting your eyes.

Some suggest over 75% of nail salons are not adequately cleaned between clients, and virtually none have air filtration and dust extraction, which is horrifying to say the least.


In many salons employees are simply too busy, or the area is too big to wipe down regularly or adequately.

My salon is clean, sterile and is wiped religiously with antibacterial disinfectant between every client.

I have not had a single complaint since I started it in 2006 and almost all clients mention how nice and clean it is.


Apart from the seating, all materials that touch a client are replaced between every client, keeping you safe.

Shared tools

All my clients get their very own set of nail files. I keep them in a snap lock bag with your name and phone number on it. This means that they are not shared between clients.

Every metal tool, including cuticle pushback, clippers, drill pieces, get cleaned and sterilised between each and every client.

Each tool is soaked in pure alcohol, then gets placed in a glass bead steriliser that heats the glass beads and whatever you put in there to 145 degrees. Combined with pure alcohol the tools are completely sterilised for your safety.

Foot spas

Another scary area is foot spas, and like most things, they rarely get sterilised. It is hard to imagine a busy salon having time to sterilise these properly.

In between every client I wash the foot spa with bleach and wipe it out with alcohol. The foot spa is then put in the sun, keeping it hygienic and safe to use.


Have you ever wondered about the safety of nail products on your skin? Well there are risks, one is HEMA, which is a monomer that causes allergies and reactions. It is when HEMA comes in contact with the skin surrounding the nail that is the source of allergies.

If you are worried about HEMA, let me know as I have Hema-Free acrylic available. It is more gentle on the skin and less likely to cause any issues.

Fumes and dust

In many day spas and nail salons you will be subjected to eye watering fumes and dust. Ironically while many technicians use a mask, the norm is that the clients miss out.

To ensure the safety of everyone, all of my clients are offered a free face mask.

I also have a custom built, advanced exhaust and dust extraction system. It double filters the air and sends the fumes out through the roof. This keeps the majority of the dust and deadly fumes at bay for the health of everyone.


I recommend that when choosing your nail technician, or beauty therapist, you find one with public liability insurance. In the worst case scenario, if something goes wrong you will be safe.

I have found that people with insurance run a better salon as they need to meet higher standards of hygiene and safety.

I am fully ensured and operate my salon at the highest levels of health and safety.